Since 2009, once a year international tour operators (buyer and seller) get together to meet, network, start new cooperations and businesses and share ideas and products.

Who attends?

90% of the participants are cycling tour operators, the majority is not only organizing tours but also interesting in buying new tours from others. 

The CycleSummit is also a place for regions to present their cycling products and all kind of cycling experts.

How is it organized?

Every participant gets a table where the 1:1 meetings take place. These meetings are not scheduled so there’s plenty of time and no rush as we know it from big trade fairs. We’re doing slow-dating, no speed-dating. 

For the preparation of the meetings a detailed conference catalog will be sent out prior to the event, a print version will be handed-out at the event. Here you find all contact details and descriptions of the participants.

ActiveItaly is partner of CycleSummit since 2021.