About Us

Our Mission

We are Italian Tour Operators, working in the Active Tourism Field, who founded a Business Network.


To establish a professional, officially-recognized association for a field of the Italian tourism industry that has been growing year after year both at a domestic and at an international level.
To act as a voice for small businesses operating in the active and sustainable tourism field in Italy.

Italian Tour Operators

Our Goals

Institutional representation

The ActiveItaly network was created with the objective of defragmenting the communication with INSTITUTIONS:

  • MIBAC – ENIT – Regional councils – Local ATLs – Touristic consortiums, etc. are some examples of institutions ActiveItaly wants its networking businesses to work with.
  • Centralize individual requests
  • Develop a common strategy
  • Start country-wide dialog with institutions
  • Start regional round tables

Negotiation power

As a business network that aims to represent operators working in the active and sustainable tourism field, ActiveItaly can count on a negotiation power concerning services that are functional to its operating touristic field, thus providing the network businesses economic benefits:

  • required national insurance
  • special discounted member rates with different entities
  • industry supply chain vetting and assistance in regulating it
  • cooperation with training organizations such as AIGAE, UIAGM, FIC and negotiation for consistent rates for members.
  • Negotiation of agreements with suppliers (accommodations, transportation companies, guides, producers)

Mutualism within the network

One of the goals of ActiveItaly is to split shareable costs among network members, in order to make professional consulting services accessible to everyone, as otherwise they would not be affordable by individuals:

  • Legal counseling
  • Management software
  • Accounting software
  • Automatic booking systems

Centralized communication

Granted that every company within the network will have its own small communication and marketing plan, ActiveItaly will offer generalized (shared?) communication and marketing regarding active and sustainable tourism.

The goal is to communicate clearly and precisely what active and sustainable tourism is, all the while creating awareness toward a type of tourism that has been growing nationally, as well as internationally.

Trade show representation

ActiveItaly is a network made of the best of the active and sustainable tourism in Italy and abroad and, as such, one of its main goals is to grant its members access and representation at the most important trade shows for the tourism industry, both in Italy and world wide. The way to achieve this is to participate and represent tour operators within trade shows organized by the most important industry associations, for example: TTG – BTO – BITESP – ITB – London WTM – ATTA.

Competitive growth within international markets

ActiveItaly members will benefit from the results coming from the above-mentioned points (negotiation power, trade show representation, centralized communication and marketing office) and will therefore be able to more easily reach and enjoy a better position on their target market.
This way, foreign business partners will be able to easily navigate among all the proposals of the individual tour operators.

Calls for bids

ActiveItaly’s supervision will be essential to help all the members participate in regional, national and European calls for bids. This will be possible thanks to shared professional resources specialized in public tenders and thanks to the intrinsic support provided by a solid business network such as ActiveItaly.

Professional training

The main goal for ActiveItaly is to start collaborations with trade associations, but it will also try to be directly in charge of some of the training processes, with the goal of increasing the internal level of professionalism of its network and industry field. This would also mean a quality increase for the products of the tourism industry, of the tours offered by its members, of all the services connected to them and of the tour operators themselves.