ActiveItaly has been founded:

Active Italian and sustainable tourism Tour Operators have joined together in a network

In the presence of an Attorney, a new network of companies dedicated to Active and Sustainable Tourism was formed in Forlì on July 30th, 2020 to give way to a common path in this sector that has been significantly growing in recent years and more so now, despite the pandemic. A new start thanks to some particular features.

The network currently includes more than 20 Tour Operators from the active and sustainable tourism sector: cycling, trekking, climbing, sailing and so on.

Membership is open to all operators who plan to join in, to strengthen synergies and to make the sector grow.

“This idea of collaboration – explains the newly created network of companies in a short note – it was started in early spring 2020 right in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, stemming from the need to re-plan the future and how to start all over again.

ActiveItaly positions itself as a reference in a team ready to launch a sector that today is visibly strategic for the future of slow tourism in Italy, not only because of its increasing numbers but also due to some specific characteristics, such as the type of activities carried out – mainly outdoors – allowing physical distancing to be kept more easily during these times.“

Other features of the sector to be considered include expanding the tourist season, redistribution of the flows and decrease of anthropic pressure in the territories.

Active and sustainable tourism is establishing itself as a strategic sector which must be focused on, not only because of the crisis due to Covid-19, but also for the climate affecting the planet. Ad hoc measures are needed to support operators who aim at putting the welfare and the health of citizens at the forefront and protecting the environment as well.

The project involves tour operators from all over Italy, by offering an opportunity to get to know the landscapes, culture, gastronomy and traditions through cycle tourism, walking, hiking, trekking, ski touring, yoga, climbing, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, rowing, kayaking and the list goes on
Active and sustainable travelling always includes physical involvement of the user in outdoor activities, and this works toward the improvement of psycho-physical health; this is organized in the name of respect for the environment, which are very often “zero-emission” trips enhancing unusual and less known destinations and generate a widespread economy, also thanks to a short supply chain that favors local producers and small accommodation facilities. This finally informs citizens of more sustainable forms of mobility and tourism.

The conclusion note points out that “The network of companies also positions itself as the interlocutor and referent of the sector for a fruitful and constructive dialogue with the competent authorities in promoting the territory, protecting the environment and revaluation of small businesses that make our country unique.”