The environmental crisis we have been experiencing for some decades now, much more vast and dangerous than the health crisis of the past few months, is already destroying delicate balances and will have catastrophic repercussions on an economic and social point of view in the coming years. A firm intervention, while keeping in mind the big picture, is necessary. Tourism can be a powerful tool to grant peace, cultural exchange, intellectual and spiritual growth of individuals and prosperity of the peoples.

At the same time, tourism is also one of the main causes of environmental and, in some cases, cultural decay.

For this reason, we feel it’s our duty, as citizens, entrepreneurs, workers, end users, and travelers, to sign the Active and Sustainable Tourism Manifesto, which promotes:

  1. The conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity: through activities inside Parks, Natural Reserves and Protected Areas.
  2. Slow mobility: by bicycle, on foot and any non-motorized and eco-friendly vehicle (sail boat, horse, skis, snowshoes, etc.) are the best options to explore locally; trains and other public means of transport with low emissions are ideal for longer distances.
  3. Exercise: that contributes to any individual’s physical and psychological well-being and, as a consequence, helps to avoid overloads on the public healthcare system.
  4. Local agricultural and artisanal production: through visits and the introduction to local products and producers. Promoting the short supply chain has a significant impact on lowering CO2 (and other gasses) emissions in the atmosphere, thus reducing the greenhouse effect. We also promote high quality, healthy food, and, in particular, a Mediterranean diet (with limited consumption of meat), part of the UNESCO world heritage.
  5. Slow Travel as a way to explore, allowing individuals to experience things with all their senses and to get to really know the area they are visiting.
  6. Authentic and fair exchange between people: connecting travelers and locals. Every traveler should be considered a “temporary local”, with all the rights and the duties that come with it. The distribution of profits coming from tourism should significantly contribute to an improvement of the living conditions of the  local population.
  7. Reducing tourist overloads:through the promotion of rural or  lesser known destinations and promotion tourism during the low season.  
  8. Cultural heritage: including music, literature, art and local traditions are our country’s most important and unique resources for tourists.
  9. The right to travel for everyone: regardless of their while guaranteeing  accessibility to people with specific needs.
  10. Education for more sustainable lifestyles: with special consideration for new generations. This includes awareness of the overconsumption and the  problem of waste (promoting reuse, reduction and recycling, as a last resort), of pollution and climate change.

If you wish to endorse the active, sustainable tourism Manifesto, please complete the form below.
All endorsements will be published here on the ActiveItaly website.

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