vivere la mobilità dolce

Where to find Slow Mobility in Italy

Slow mobility is fundamental for ActiveItaly, in fact it is at the second point of our Manifesto.

Our definition of soft mobility is:

“bicycle, foot and any non-motorized and eco-friendly vehicle (sail boat, horse, skis, snowshoes, etc.) are the best options to explore locally; trains and other public means of transport with low emissions are ideal for longer distances”

So slow mobility is closely linked to the principle of slowness, both from a physical point of view and, above all, from a lifestyle point of view.

In Italy this concept is by no means new. In fact, there are several networks and associations that promote this way of traveling and living.

trekking nella foresta
  • AMODO (Slow Mobility Alliance)

is a network of over 40 associations that promotes slow mobility and the Italian territory. For them too, as for ActiveIaly and for many others who follow this trend, it is not just about “doing tourism”, but it is a real “way of life”. The main objective is precisely to create a network, in order to spread the principles of slow mobility and the rediscovery of our territory as a beauty to be experienced.


This is a network that deals with and specializes in soft mobility and sustainability too. They deal with studies, analysis and dissemination of information on the subject. Specifically, they focus on sports tourism, hiking, cycling, sailing and equestrian tourism. In short, those types of tourism that fall within the definition at the beginning of this article.


So, choose where to start and discover the immense and very important world of slow mobility. Obviously, this short list is not exhaustive. In Italy, slow mobility is a deeply felt topic, fortunately, and each of us can do something to live and travel according to our principles.


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