Tipi di cicloturista

What kind of cyclist are you?

Cycle tourism is more and more widespread and more and more people, both Italian and foreign, decide to practice it.

But who is the cyclist? What are the reasons that lead them to choose this type of holiday?

It may perhaps seem that the main motivation is to do physical movement, or even sport, to stay in shape … yet it is not so!

The main reasons that lead someone to cycle tourism are:

  • Personal transformation
  • Discovery of new territories
  • Discovery of cultures and lifestyles different from one’s own
  • Mental well-being
  • Physical activity

It is therefore a much deeper choice than one might believe. The cyclist chooses to leave their comfort zone, to see and discover new things, remaining in close contact with nature and with the territory they cross. The unexpected is lurking, the weather conditions the unfolding of the days, fatigue – at times – can be felt.

But it’s still worth it! Taking this type of vacation is the best way to get out of the daily routine, to “disconnect”, shifting the focus to something completely different.

However, there are different categories of cyclists. And do you know which one you belong to?

Turisti in bici

Tourists on bicycles or cycle-tourists

These are those who take entire holidays by bicycle, going from one point to another – on a real traveling trip, or even staying in one place and taking the bicycle every day.

Tourists with bicycles

These are those who do not take an entire cycling holiday, but who – during the holiday – choose to take a single excursion on two wheels. Attention, however, does not mean that they are not bike lovers: they are also normally very active people (who maybe go mountain biking at the weekend), but who do not choose to use the bicycle every day during the holiday.

In addition to this first division, another one can be made, more focused on the type of activity:

Sports cyclists They are those who love to ride for a long time and on routes with large gradients. They are passionate about the great cycling races (Giro d’Italia or the Tour de France) and try to emulate their favourites. In general, however, they go quite slower and, at the end of the stage, they do not miss a nice mug of beer.

Cicloturisti sportivi
Cicloturisti avventurosi

Adventurous cyclists They are those who practice the most extreme activities, from mountain biking to downhill, from bikepacking to gravel. They can make very long journeys (like around the world!) or even short itineraries of a single day. The focus is generally on fun and unspoiled nature, as well as adrenaline or physical effort. 

Cyclists – Those who consider the bicycle as the ideal means of transport for holidays, also for reasons of environmental sustainability. They use muscular or electric bicycles and want to discover new territories and immerse themselves in the culture of the places they pass through. The focus is on discovery, authenticity and, very often, also on food and wine.

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Whether you are guided by a passion for cycling or a love of alternative travel, you can try to figure out if you fall into one of the categories we have talked about, or if you are a mix of two or three. There are obviously no precise rules and we can freely switch from one category to another or belong to more than one (even those not mentioned here).

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